Who We Are

Mark Biechler – Partner and Lead Designer


Mark began his career in the fine arts and later focused on graphic and commercial design before shifting his focus to landscape design. He has designed and produced interior elements for clients such as Whole Foods Market, Viacom Inc, and the National Hockey League.

Mark started with Pearson Landscape in 2003

Arelin Martinez – Lead Maintenance Forman


Arelin Marinez has been with Pearson Landscape since 2003 and now oversees all aspects of our landscape maintenance division. Arelin is exceptionally knowledgeable about every aspect of care required for your yard and garden. Pearson Landscape has become known for their exceptionally high standards of yard maintenance and maintains some of the prettiest yards in Austin. Arelin is one of the main reasons we look so good.

Santos – Lead Construction Foreman/Irrigation


Santos is our number one irrigation installation man. Santos has been installing systems in Austin for the last eight years and has been with Pearson Landscape for the last six years. Santos also runs one of our top notch construction crews.

Felix- Crew Leader/ Mechanic


Felix started with our company four years ago and has taken over as our expediter. Felix keeps our fleet running and our supplies flowing to all our different jobs. Felix has been in landscape construction for the past six years.

Marcelino - Construction Crew Leader


Marcelino has been with Pearson Landscape since 2007 and has worked his way through the company and become one of our top masons. Much of the patio work you see on our site is the work of Marcelino.

Giovanni - Maintenance Crew Leader


Giovanni heads one of our top-notch maintenance crews and helps keep your landscape looking its best.

Daniel - Maintenance Crew Leader


Daniel is another of our maintenance crew leaders. In addition to maintaining landscapes to keep them in tip top shape, our maintenance crews also take care of lakes and ponds.